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Ms. Suad

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Ms. Suad
Therapist and Parent Coach
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Suad worked for Arlington County Head Start Program, both as an advocate and family service worker. Moreover, as an independent contractor, she worked with Loudoun County CPS as a Therapist and Parent Coach to participants and their caregivers/parents. Finally, Suad worked as a CASA Supervisor for Loudon County Parks and Recreation. Suad is compassionate and highly skilled individual with the ability to listen, communicate and offer viable solutions to families and communities at large. Suad also has a relevant education in nonprofit management (MS degree from UMD) and Sociology (BA degree from GMU). At Cherish Home Health Care, she has used this experience to create and enact a vision in which our team works both effectively and with compassion. Suad understands the need for honesty, empathy and cultural competence in caretaking. While her grandmother battled both cancer and Alzheimer’s, she realized this type of care was difficult to come by. This became part of Suad ’s inspiration to start Cherish Home Health Care. In addition, she has always been passionate about outreach, social work, mental health counselling and related volunteer efforts. Suad looks forward to continuing to use her passion to in her role as COO. At Cherish Home Health Care, we are compassionate about helping others thrive, and aim to improve their lives with a holistic approach to wellbeing. Suad enjoys reading, traveling with her family, taking a walk, listening to Jazz and watching movies. Suad resides in Loudoun County with her two children and parents

Specialty Therapist and Parent Coach
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